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So. . . [-S e m i F r i e n d s O n l y -]

Above: Beautiful -friends only- banner made by boots

My LJ is for the sole purpose of purchasing stuff on Live Journal. 8D~

You know what? Maybe I'll keep attached to this thing.
LJ is nice!~ Quite a few of my friends have it---I just gotta find you. >O
There are awesome communitites...

And maybe I can try this...blogging? Spilling of feelings-thing I've never done. Online. O 3O;
Maybe it will be a good idea. *nod*


I'm Kathleen.
First year at University of British Columbia. (a mouthful, ain't it?)
Mmm, I like tennis, cosplaying, lolita, drawing, and Disney!~
That's about it. > 3>;; [/is rather boring]

If you'd like to be added, please post a comment here telling me a little about yourself! :DD

Would love to learn how to make posts fancy one day;;

Cheers! * u*bb~
Kanadian;; a.k.a. Kat
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